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Shiny Takes Action for the Environment

Shiny has aligned its management system with priority emphasis on the preservation of
natural resources and minimizing the impact of technology on the environment.
Setting strict company regulations, we have implemented this approach in every area,
from part sourcing and design to development, producing environmentally friendly products.
These efforts have been recognized with the company’s receipt of the ISO 14001: 2004
Standard certification in October 2009, a fine first step in our ongoing efforts to implement
sustainable business policies.  Refusing to stand still, Shiny has a series of products
made from recycled plastic and exciting new R&D efforts on products made from
low-impact materials in the pipeline.

With environmental threats in mind, Shiny has introduced some revolutionary new
products that actually use recycled water bottles (PET Plastic) for the majority of their
plastic parts.  PET plastic is known not to biodegrade well.  Shiny is proud to be the first
manufacture to use such plastic that will reduce the amount of waste in landfills.
Major retailers in the USA have banned the use of clam shell packaging that uses PET.
I think this says a lot and is the start of something good.  Let’s all take some responsibility
and offer Eco friendly products whenever possible.


Shiny sells to Rubber Stamp Manufacturers only. We do not sell to dealers or consumers.
Google our brand names to find a dealer of our products.


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